Srimathe Gopaladesika Mahadesikaya Nama:

Srimathe Raghuveera Mahadesikaya Nama:

Natha Yamuna Ramanuja Sabha Inc (NYRS) is a Religious, Not-for-Profit Organization registered (IRS-EIN-45-3220810)  in the State of North Carolina, USA.  It functions as the USA Branch of Srimad Andavan Poundarikapuram Swamy Asramam, Srirangam, India.

The specific purpose of Natha Yamuna Ramanuja Sabha is to spread the principles and practice of Srivaishnava Sampradayam as espoused by the lineage of Acharyas of the Srimad Andavan Poundarikapuram Swamy Ashramam, Srirangam, India.

Humble request to devotees to support the various kainkaryams performed by the Natha Yamuna Ramanuja Sabha Inc (NYRS).

Bhagavatas can contribute to 'Natha Yamuna Ramanuja Sabha Inc' by using the PayPal link given below.

(PayPal account is not needed to make a Sambhavana. Bhagavatas can use any major Credit Card.)